I've been using Water My Body on my smart phone but it's not compatible. I'd like an app which allows me to specify quite accurately what kind of drink I've had, it's more fun - and the native water monitoring thing on the Fitbit app seems very basic. You can try MyFitnessPal. Astuces pour mieux dormir!

Thanks for sharing this information. I'll download it and see how it goes. Please just add it to Fitbit list of Compatible Apps in the Fitbit App as it took me a while to find a suitable app in the place of Waterlogged which basically does not work on Android and support is pretty much non-existent. That's sounds like a great idea. You can then share the link here and we can all vote for it. I have used Hydro Coach for a few years now.

I don't see that it is compatible for Fitbit. Am I missing something? I've been using hydro coach before I started using fitbit. Does anyone have any recommendations? Water logged needs you to pay to integrate it and I want more detail than My Water. Having the same issue, installed PRO. Connected to Fitbit but I am not seeing any data syncing between the apps? Correction, in the fitbit app its not showing water intake from Hydro.

Unless I check the graph which does show it and so does the web?? Hello everyone! In Android there isn't official options. Although, some members of the Community has been recommending the Hidrate Spark Water. Nonetheless, there are tons of apps that use our Open API to integrate their service with ours. The best way to tell if an app is compatible with Fitbit is to go to the third party site or app and poke around their settings to see if you can connect Fitbit.

You can also browse their site for information or contact the app owner and ask if they integrate with Fitbit or in case there is an issue in the case the app can integrate with your Fitbit Dashboard.

I have started using Drink! Water and really like it. It syncs with FitBit and i haven't had any issues. It will also sync with Apple Health if you would like.

water reminder fitbit

The actual app will notify you as well but I personally only have my fitbit remind me and then I go in and log my water intake in the app.I was wondering, is there a way to set up a reminder to drink water besides the regular alarm?

I already have the alarm going as other reminders, and will be confusing what is the reminder for since I can't give the alarm a name. How do I know how many Oz of food and how many calories I'm getting? Go to the Best Answer. We don't have updates for this at this moment but please subscribe yourself to this thread by clicking on the gear icon that you will find at the top of the corner.

Want to get more active? View best answer in original post. At this moment there is not any option, but using an alarm is wonderful workaround. I think your suggestion is an excellent idea and I would like to encourage you submit it as a suggested ideawhere members of the Community can comment and vote for it so it can be implemented in a future update, this is the best way to make your voice heard.

Actually, I found a suggestion that you might like to check:. Water reminder.

water reminder fitbit

Hope you find this useful, have a lovely day! Hi I was reading on some of questions for a water reminder for the fitbit app and I haven't seen any recent updates for this function so I was just curious is to why y'all haven't added this function to the app yet? Thanks for checking our Feature Suggestions board. Implementing enhancements to Fitbit trackers and services take time.

It takes time as our devs and engineers have to be double sure that this will properly work. Lots of trial an error on their end to make sure they deliver the best improvements for our wonderful customers!

I appreciate your patience and understanding about it! You can set up to eight alarms on the Fitbit Charge 2, so I set one for every two hours from 7am - 9pm everyday. Now I just have to drink a certain amount by the time the alarm goes off and start over or chug every two hours lol. I do wish you could name the alarms, though.Discussion for the Fitbit wireless pedometers, sleep trackers, and Aria scale.

For customer support or help with your Fitbit account, please contact Fitbit directly. Mega Friend Username Thread. Instead, please keep them in the reoccurring threads stickied at the top of the subreddit. This is to avoid the subreddit from turning into a brag reddit and one-upping. Please only post them in the monthly friend codes thread that is also stickied at the top of the subreddit. If you have a medical concern, please contact your physician or call Can my Fitbit remind me to drink water?

Is there a reminder to drink water feature on fit bit? I just bought a Fitbit charge 2. The only way I can figure out to do it is to set an alarm for every hour to drink water Fitbit asked me if I wanted reminders to drink water, and I said yes.

There was some talk that it would be for Premium users only, but I've just gotten the option in my app and set it up.

Definitely not the same as steps reminders. You get an app that does it on your phone then tell Fitbit to give you notifications from that application. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

water reminder fitbit

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Create an account. Edit: yes I am dehydrated. It's pretty cute and sends you reminders. Not many ad free apps. Only found this so far.You backup your computer, so why not your brain?

Depending on which tracker you own, your setup screen may look a bit different than the ones below—you may even be able to manage your silent straight from your device check out this helpful how-to guide —but all the silent alarms work the same. The most obvious use for a silent alarm is, literally, as an alarm clock—stay on that sleep schedule! Use Fitbit silent alarms to support all your health goals by setting one as a reminder to…. Especially if you plan on heading straight to the gym from work.

Drink water —and log it in your Fitbit app. In one studythe more water people drank, the fewer calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar they ate. Pop vitamins. Here are four supplements that might be worth taking. A Fitbit Blaze or Fitbit Charge 2 will walk you through either two or five minutes of guided breathingbut if you own a different tracker, you can get calm in seconds with these breathing tricks.

Mindfulness not your thing? Then take a walk, color, or chat with a friend—whatever helps you unwind. Monitor your pace. Set an alarm to go off multiple times during a race or workout as a reminder to see if you need to back off a bit.

Stay fueled. Athletes need to take in the right balance of carbs and protein, stay hydrated, and replenish any sodium sweated outaccording to t he Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. That means eating and drinking at regular intervals during exercise. The average wait time for new patients to see a city-based physician is Do a posture check. Starting to slouch? Try these five mat-based moves to strengthen the muscles that support healthier posture.

No, really. Research shows it makes you happier and may even be contagious. Preempt your triggers. Do bagels magically appear in the break room every Friday morning? Set an alarm to go off well before you encounter them—or any other temptation—so you have time to grab something healthier. Tally your blessings. Men and women who made an effort to journal positive things felt more optimistic and happier than those who journaled about trials or whatever they wanted, found a University of California, Davis study.

Hit your step goal. Set a last-chance alarm for a half hour before that to get your steps in. Charge your tracker. How many times have you planned to recharge your tracker only to have it run out of juice mid-day?

Try setting an alarm based on when you last plugged in. Do you have any other healthy reminders on your list? Share them in the comments section below. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.It was listed on the website that you can set reminders to move, hydrate etc. Go to the Best Answer. On Versa, you'll receive inspiration message regarding healthy habits like staying hydrated, as shown below.

The way you view these reminders is by swiping up when on the clock face screen. At the very top, above your daily stats, you'll see a message. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! Inspiration: hydration message. View best answer in original post. Have you tried creating a feature suggestion for it? I use my alarms to remind me to take my Meds at 8 am and 8 pm.

Since you can sync most phone app notifications to your Versa you can download an app to remind you to drink water to your phone and add it in your Versa App Notifications settings in the Fitbit app.

This works for me. I downloaded an app Android: Water Drink Reminder used the apps settings to set a 45 minute reminder to drink water and now every 45 minutes I get the notification on my Versa.

That's more than a bit disappointing - it's not really a reminder if you have to remember to go look for it! I was expecting a regular reminder that you could turn on or off and maybe adjust timingswith the hope that if not straight away it'd eventually be integrated into the water logging in the app.

I guess I'll be doing as the poster above and using a 3rd party app for a simple notification, but having it rolled into the base Fitbit features, with the possibility of logging integration was a big appeal of the Versa to me.

There is an app called "water logged" that allows you to log water intake. But I am unsure if it is a reminder. Water Logged does not do reminders. Also it appears to be broken. I've logged an issue ticket with the developer about it. I've used Water Time gold in the past, it has notification reminders that work fine so I'll be seeing how it works in conjunction with the Versa when mine arrives tomorrow. But it's a shame having to use a 3rd party phone based app when it was a specifically advertised feature of the watch that caught my attention.

It's unlikely detailed notification interaction with a 3rd party app will work in future either. When I've investigated the 'feature' myself I'll probably put in a feature suggestion for Fitbit.Choose from 17oz or 21oz wide mouth Chug Lid or convenient Straw Lid, each with a protective cover to prevent spills and keep out dirt. World's Smartest Water Bottle. Buy Now. Optimal health begins here. Experience Life Fully Hydrated. Personalized Hydration.

Optional text notifications offer additional reminders. Connect with friends through the HidrateSpark App and motivate and compete with one another. How much water should you drink? Our Hydration Equation calculates your daily goal based on personal factors unique to you, like age, height, weight, sex, altitude and more. The app is calculated daily to give you the most accurate hydration level whether you're traveling, hiking in the mountains or swimming at the pool.

Our colorful lineup Reimagined. Our colorful lineup reimagined. We've found that water is the key to better skin, more restful sleep, more energy during the day and the key to better health. Check out our blog for tips, join our Facebook community to share your wins and let's motivate each other to stay hydrated. Invalid Password. You have 0 items in your bag.

You've got free shipping! Your Bag Checkout.I also don't remember to drink enough water during the day. Resulting in headache and loss of concentration. Would be possible to detect even with a litlte error when you drink water movement of bringing the glass to the mouth and rotating the wrist? I knoe the problem is if you use the hand that you do not have the fitbit on, but hey, that will really help me to track my water intake.

Having to log it in everytime is too much work. The new Garmin Vivofit has pretty much every feature I and others have been asking for for the last year and hoped would be in the Force If I hadn't just upgraded to the Force I'd be seriously considering changing platforms Firmware could probably add an inactivity alarm.

I believe you can set up alarms that recur on certain or all days. You'd have to set it up for each time you'd want it to remind you during the day, then select it to go off for all days of the week. Yea, it's the same silent vibration alarm that you can set to wake yourself up. You can set it from the app under account, but like mentioned above you'd need to pick the times.

water reminder fitbit

May also deplete your battery faster. I noticed that hydration is an issue to some desk bound colleague of mine. So i hope a reminder like a buzz preferably if the buzz is different from the alarm would be useful.

It's time to drink water totoni! I would defenitely benefit from this as well. I love fitbit, because now i have everthing in need in 1 app. That is great! The only thing i am missing is a reminder for drinking water, where You can set alerts that remind you to drink more. I hope i will Plan this to One of The next updates:. Due to both being an adult, and a bad case of heat prostration when I was young, it is difficult for me to know when I am thirsty.

Top 5 Apps For Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Drinking caffeine does not help either. Having a sensor on my wrist that can learn when I am dehydrated and suggest I drink would be incredibly valuable to me. I believe it would be of great benefit if the silent alarm could be set to go off every 15, 30, or 60 minutes a day to remind one to drink water. This feature would also be of great benefit to those who have a desk job and can get lost in their work to be reminded to get up and move every 30min-1hour.

It's an old request, but I do think this should be it would be nice if this could be implemented. Something like 'after I'm awake, vibrate once every hour' might already be enough. I noticed you post after creating mine see below its a great idea and really hope is implimented.

I just requested more Chatter for the One.

13 Genius Uses for Your Fitbit Tracker’s Silent Alarms

Perhaps the water reminder could be added right alongside the Chatter! I would like to have a feature on the FitBit Flex or on all designs to set a regular recurring alarm for water. Ideally, there'd be a platform online that would ask us how much water we want to drink in a day. I would also want this platform to have an area where we can select a start time.

Over a standard day, you probably consume fluids over a 12 hour period. We should also be able to have up to 7 schedules. I'd also like to be able to save and create custom drinks eg a ml mug of tea, a ml bottle of water, a pint of Guinness that I can tap on to add to my daily intake record. I'm also quite bad at drinking enough water or eating food with lots of fluids and would LOVE if the fitbit app implemented fluid intake reminders!

One little buzz on my Flex will definitely help out as well.

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