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Personal bio: Please allow me to introduce myself. As some may know me from the early 70's or even late 60'. I am Dennis Cope and was involved with v8 trike building along with Leon Daily. After he seen what we were doing with his body " Asphalt Angel "we had his blessing even having us build frames for his clients. Ed only built a couple of these v8 trikes because he loved the vw trikes and spent much more time with them. So in early 70's Leon an I open a shop building v8 trikes.

In Leon and I open our first shop building v8 trikes. I also believe this shop was the first anywhere in the U. Trike World limited was located at Compton blvd. Paramount Ca I could be wrong, and I guess I have been before, if any one knows of another v8 trike fabricator of this time period call me I would love to commiserate with you.

Now this is how I first became involved with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and building the Asphalt angle and later the California cruiser Leon and I took the Asphalt Angel body and built many different configurations using the Asphalt angel as a starting point. As you can see today my fabrications still lend themselves to this timeless design. Also fabricating the Asphalt Angel itself.

If you would like me to build you this iconic Asphalt Angel trike, please contact me as I have about a year waiting time line to build a complete trike. I do have a Asphalt Angel Kit available at this time.

What You Need To Know About V8 Trikes and Where To Find One!

Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Motorcycles come in all forms of design, build, and make. A trike, otherwise known as a 3-wheel motorcycle is a fusion of both a car and a motorcycle.

V8 Chevy Trike - The Build Video

You can operate this beast of a trike in a stationary seated position similar to a car without having to balance the machine like a traditional motorcycle. This allows drivers to have the best of both worlds as they have the comfort of a car to go with the handles of a motorcycle. Trikes can be one of the most powerful vehicles on the road as you can buy them or build them with V8 engine capacities. For many motorists, they appreciate the trike among most motorcycles types because of its unique designs and functions.

If you are looking to own one through purchasing or designing one from scratch, there is a lot of information that you must know so that you make the right decision. Here is a guide that may help you. Whether in V8 or V6 engine designs, trikes come in 2 forms: Delta and Tadpole. A Delta trike is designed in such a way that the vehicle has one front wheel and two wheels in the rear. A tadpole, on the other hand, is the reverse of a Delta with two wheels up front and one wheel in the back.

Delta trikes are safer among the 2 designs because they provide more stability and safety when braking. This is why most manufacturers design their trikes in Delta form. Trikes come in all types of custom designs. Depending if you buy them from a manufacturer, you can choose a trike with different customizations such as engine make, body design, passenger capacity, and many more.

The regular features that you can expect from a V8 trike are:. The simple reason why people choose to buy or build a three wheel V8 motorcycle is because it is the most powerful motorcycle vehicle available in the market today. If you are fan of power, this is the perfect vehicle for you. One reason is because you have the loudest engines that can be heard 50 feet away. You also have the capability to drive your machine with up to to miles per hour depending on the engine.

Other reasons to go with a V8 are:. Many people constantly wonder about whether it is better to buy a V8 trike or to build one from scratch. Buying a trike means that the vehicle has already been built.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? V8 Trike Frame. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. V8 Trike FrameAM. Would anyone have blue prints for a trike frame that would hold a small V8, My boys are itching to get started building one.

Tags: None. I don't have any prints on paper, just in my head. I started one 20 years ago. I used some flat bar to mock up the angles of the frame and the head tube. I custom made a head tube on the lathe. My buddy had one with an Alum V8 Buick motor on it Bob Wright Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Comment Post Cancel.

Keep in mind the V-8 needs to be supported, and the rake and trail need to be right, but tons of good people that will help you over at the BTW. Good luck. Inferno Forge Chris. Originally posted by Srogers View Post.

Last edited by Synchroman ;PM. I believe the bikes you're referring to are actually called "Boss Hoss" as opposed to "Boss Hogg"s, although their first model was called something like "The Boss Hawg" as I recall.

v8 trike frame blueprints

I knew a guy in Key West with one with a GM in it. V8 Trike frame. Hi, I don't know if you have what you want yet, but if not I'm happy to help if I can. I built a V8 trike using a Leyland P76 engine and Trans. Jaguar XJ6 Diff. I built the frame, front end and body.Return to General. Board index Login Register Search. V8 trike info. Post a reply. Mon Apr 22, pm. Posts: 8. Im really wanting to start a v8 trike project.

I really like the look of the lightning frames. I have blueprints for the tnt trikes and my fabricator said he can easily modify them to look more like the lightning. My question is on the front forks? I really want a stretched out bike Are the special made or can you order em from somewere? I cant get a solid answer anywereit seems.

I have a cousin who builds chassis and a few selections of reasonable rear ends as well as a 4 link and a never fired blown sbc to use on it.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Tnx, RR heres what im after except for a blower on it. Re: V8 trike info. V8Bikers Site Admin.

Posts: Location: Deland, FL. Reply with quote. Welcome Rodney!Filling the gap between cars and motorcycles, trikes are one of the most unique kinds of transportation on the road today. There are two basic types: tadpole and delta. Delta trikes are the most traditional arrangement, utilizing two tires in the back with a motorcycle front end.

Old-school trikes utilized a Volkswagen engine, transmission and suspension mated to a motorcycle front end via a section of tubular frame rail. Acquire a running to Lincoln Continental. You can think of this car as a kind of trike-in-a-box; it utilizes a 4. GM fans should consider a Northstar-powered Cadillac from the same era, which is almost identical in most ways to the Continental. Remove the car's engine, transmission and suspension by unbolting the front subframe and removing them all as a package.

Take care to not damage wiring harness, computer, shift linkage, throttle linkage or suspension components, since you'll be reusing most of them. Build a new lightweight subframe from tubular steel, incorporating a new set of struts mounts to support the struts. Tie the tops of the struts together with a strut tower bar for rigidity. You can replace the power steering rack with a toe-adjustment bar similar to those found on Corvettes. Build the remainder of your frame.

Design it so that the radiator sits in front of the engine and place the seat about six inches ahead of the radiator. Place the front fork tube mount at the angle required. Design the frame so that you can place the brake master cylinder assembly in the area between your feet, the battery behind the master cylinder and the fuel tank between your knees. Install the widest front forks that you can find, and utilize a super-wide motorcycle tire designed for the rear of a sport-bike.

Connect the brake master cylinder to the caliper on your front wheel by way of a brake proportioning valve to perfect brake bias. Connect your foot brake to the center-mounted master cylinder with an offset linkage.

v8 trike frame blueprints

Fabricate a throttle linkage and throttle pedal on the other side. Connect your engine and transmission to the computer wiring harness, and wire the rest of the trike's lights, gauges and ignition system. Wiring can be a complicated job, but in general you'll want to install the electrical system in this order: main fuse block, engine, chassis lighting brakes, headlights and turn signals and gauges.

If you're unfamiliar with automotive wiring, then consider purchasing a pre-engineered, universal race car wiring kit complete with color-coded wires, wiring harnesses, fuse panels, switch gear and instructions. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.Help Forgot Password? Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: What is the best forks for a V8 trike? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What is the best forks for a V8 trike? Hi, I am building a Chevy V8 trike. I was told to use a goldwing set of forks so I currently have the bike built using the neck from a goldwing. However, I don't think it will be strong enough or is it?

If not I really like the Idea of a leafer front end because I am going in the Rat Rod direction and think it would be suitable. My next concern is if I build a leafer what do I build the forks out of to support the weight of the V8. Any suggestions? Re: What is the best forks for a V8 trike? It original had an old goldwing frontend on it. He pops wheelies with it all the time!

He then put a regular springer on it, but with some heavier springs on it. Still pops wheelies! I am still undecided on a springer or a leafer. I know the springer will work but would rather go with the leafer. Do you think breaking the leafer is a realistic issue to worry about?

I want to see it when your done, should look wild with the hex tube. I'm doing a inverted springer and still looking for the rite shocks to use. I have had it up to mph and over some very rough roads pot hole land or the great white north I am currently building a 53 flathead merc powered trike with a springer from Twisted Choppers it's built for V8 applications built in usa. Replies: 0 Last Post:AM.

Replies: 4 Last Post:PM. Replies: 2 Last Post:PM.Mac's Hot Rod V8 Trikes! For more information and kit prices scroll down. Price list at bottom of page. I've been a long time rider and, with my knee problems, decided to look into purchasing a trike for our riding pleasure.

v8 trike frame blueprints

After riding several of the trikes offered, I decided to take the time to design and build my own. First, I wanted it to be comfortable. This means, a good ride, the least amount of heat as possible, have a good range as far as fuel economy and enough power to pull the hills with a trailer, and IT must have the "LOOK" of a True Hot Rod!!

So the Process began, in July ofstarting with some drawings, the concept of a true Hot Rod V8 Trike took off from there. The basic plan was to stretch the chassis, move the engine forward, allowing the heat to dissipate from the engine area before it burns the hair off your inner legs.

The front of the body acts as an air scoop, mixing the fresh air with the hot air of the engine, deflecting it under the body as the trike is in motion. As for the radiator, I decided the heat waves from other models that run a forward radiator was something we had to change.

So, we designed our body to house the radiator and act as a shroud to deliver the hot used air out the rear of the trike. As far as drivability, our thoughts were that we wanted the Trike to be very drivable.

Big Chicken Hot Rods

Not something so wild that you were scared to crank on the throttle. To make it drivable and as efficient as possible, we like to run between a and a gear. Making trike very drivable, allowing the rear four bars to hook up while keeping the front end firmly planted. If you have any questions or would like to discuss purchasing one of our kits.

Or want to have us custom build your Mac Trike, shoot me an email or give me a call at This kit includes: main body 34 ford style rear fenders gasser style hood scoop 34 style front fender Main frame with holes upper back bone frame for small block chevy trans crossmember rear frame hoop rear four bar with panard rear housing brackets coil over rear shocks.

This kit includes the above plus these items: 8 inch ford rear by Currie housing 3rd member and axle willwood disc brakes for rear. Our frames and parts are for show purposes only and not intended for uses other than exhibits and shows. These two major changes allow my trike to be a much cooler ride than my Ultra Classic is. Or want to have us custom build your Mac Trike, shoot me an email or give me a call at Thanks!!

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