Click the Contacts and LFG button in the top left of your screen, and then click the Looking for Group icon on the pop-up box. The Looking For Group tool shows groups looking for players. The tool is designed to allow groups to be formed quickly in order to proceed to content. This tool is accessed through a tab in the Contacts and LFG panel default Ythen clicking on the navigation bar. It may also be accessed by talking to the dungeon cryer for any dungeon or by walking up to the entrance of any dungeon.

Players may advertise under multiple categories and subcategories for many types of game content. Only groups that have room will be displayed. If your party has enough room to merge with another advertised party, then a "Merge" option will appear. If either party doesn't have enough room to merge, the option will be greyed out. A party of 2 cannot merge with a party of 4 Groups from other worlds are listed for each category except for the Living World and Personal Story categories, which show groups for your current world.

Raid squads. To create a group you must first select a category then click the "Advertise Your Party" button to create a listing. You will then be presented with a text box to give details on what you are looking for "Story Mode", "Champion run", "Claw Island", etc.

guild wars 2 guilds recruiting

Enter the description to complete the listing. A blue search icon will appear next to your chosen category and your group will appear at the top of the list, with your icon highlighted in green. You can wait for people to join your group or you may select any other group and click "Merge Parties" to merge into one. In the list, each party will have white icons for the professions that are currently present in the party.

guild wars 2 guilds recruiting

Hovering over the listing it will display a list of profession icons and the character names of the players. Any mutually friended players both players have the other player added to their friends list will have blue icons and their party will be near the top of the list, below yours. Players representing the same guild will appear with yellow icons. The tool has limited auto-refresh. If a party fills up or disbands it will become grey in the window.

You will need to click Refresh for the listing to disappear and for newly listed parties to appear. Any changes made to the party or squad status through lfg will be output to the chat panel if this is check-marked.

Other common uses for this panel are to taxi players into large group content such as world bossesor selling access to - or completion of - game content. Using the LFG tool to sell spots on a party is allowed [1] if no otherwise reportable offense is committed by doing so. The buyer carries the full risk and will not be reimbursed by ArenaNet in the case of nonfulfillment.

On March 6th extended filter options where added to the tool. The search-results filter has been improved to support exclusion filters, and it now has improved support for multiword filters. Explore Tyria's frozen north and immerse yourself in charr and norn culture as the Elder Dragon threat intensifies.

Blaze your way through Elona on the back of your trusty mount, and fend off the forces of Balthazar, God of War and Fire. Infiltrate a shadowy enemy organization across a variety of locations spanning Central Tyria and Maguuma. Navigate the twisted jungles of Maguuma and fight against the minions of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Structured Player vs. Player, where everyone fights on an equal level.Dark or Light Theme toggle.

Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Guild Wars 2 Category List Categories. Looking for a guild? Got your own guild? Recruit and be recruited here! Discussion List Discussion. Aerowyn August Iselin October Guild Wars 2 - Mass info for the uninitiated 1 Chelmo January MikeB August StoneRoses September A short guide to everything we know about GW2 1 EvilGeek August Proof January Feeling bad for GW2.

Ungood August Announcement of an up and coming 3rd Expansion. NCSoft Q4 report 1 2 3.Guilds are a great way to connect to a community and make new friends. Each guild has its own chat channel and list of members to see who's available to play with.

Guild Wars 2 / Guilds / NA / Jade Quarry

Members can cooperate to obtain a guild hall and purchase upgrades such as leveling bonuses, shared item vaults, and the ability to throw a party. Guilds are formal groupings of players that enable them to play together more effectively and reward them for doing so. To create a guild, open the guild panel G and click on the "Create Guild" button. You will be asked to enter a guild name up to 31 characters and a tag of up to four characters. Guild tags are not unique, but guild names are.

Alternatively, speak to a Guild Registrar in any of the major cities. You will be unable to create a guild while representing another, so you must "Stand Down" before creation.

The guild emblem may be changed by speaking to a Guild Registrar. The rank of Leader is automatically assigned to the creator with all guild privileges.

The leader may invite additional members and promote them to any guild rank including that of leader. If there are no leaders in a guild then a member with the next highest rank is automatically promoted to leader. If you are the last member to leave a guild then it will be immediately disbanded, deleted and unrecoverable, including all upgrades and anything in the vault.

A guild with the same name can be created immediately afterwards. Players are limited to creating two guilds per week. For instance, if you disband twice in the same week, you'll have to wait one week from the moment you disbanded before you can create another.

guild wars 2 guilds recruiting

Guild membership is administered at the account level, and an account can hold membership in up to 5 guilds. Joining a guild requires an invitation sent from an existing member of the guild with "Admin Lower Ranks" privilege. Your open invitations can be found on the front tab of the guild panel, on the left, under "Invitations. Guild membership is not limited to a single world.Menu Christian Gamers Alliance.

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Thread starter Neirai the Forgiven Start date Sep 22, This list contains all of the Christian guilds -- or other guild-like groups -- that Christian Gamers Alliance has been made aware of.

The CGA is very willing to update this list with new guilds or to expand this list to include more games on request. The Christian Gamers Alliance is not responsible for interactions with these guilds, their leadership or members, or for ensuring that these guilds are still functioning as Christian guilds.

We do, however, periodically verify that these guilds do still exist. If you would like your guild listed below, please post a note in this thread including the name of your guild, the name of the game, and any details on factions, servers, and guild focus that are important in your game. Last edited: Sep 22, List of Christian World of Warcraft Guilds This list contains all of the Christian guilds that CGA has been made aware of, and that contained at least one character above level 10 and who have gained at least one Guild Achievement Point since February 14, Guilds listed here may no longer be functioning, or may no longer be functioning as Christian guilds, but I really have no way of verifying either.

Last edited: Jul 28, List of Christian-led World of Warcraft Guilds The following World of Warcraft guilds are led by Christians, but do not require a profession of Christian faith to join. Please Note: The "Tribe of Judah" is not associated with the Tribe of Judah multi-game clan, which finds its home on this website.

Last edited: Apr 5, Guilds listed here may no longer be functioning, or may no longer be functioning as Christian Guilds, but I really have no way of verifying either. Guild Wars guild data was gathered largely by consultation with Stc95, and verified as much as possible using the information I could get my hands on.

List of Christian Aion Legions This list contains all of the Christian legions that CGA has been made aware of, and that contained at least one character above level 10 on September 10, The "Brigade General" character information was gathered from Aion's Character and Legion search engine, and the server information was gathered via Aionfly.

Legions listed here may no longer be functioning, or may no longer be functioning as Christian Legions, but I really have no way of verifying either. West Coast Siel [Elyos] : The Elect -- Brigade General: Kanshisha If you know of other legions, please post the relevant information here.

This list is still under construction, seeing as Final Fantasy XIV has not been released at this point. More information about linkshells will be added soon. Mysidia Knights of Aletheia -- Linkshell Leader: XionTawa If you know of other linkshells, please post the relevant information here. Lord of the Rings Online data was gathered largely by consultation with Durruck and by viewing these Kinships' web sites.

North America Brandywine : Lions of Judah Landroval : Band of Hope Landroval : Saints Nimrodel : Vox If you know of other kinships, please post the relevant information here. Last edited: Aug 25, If these corporations are part of an alliance, that alliance will be listed with the Corporation.Check out the Notice before posting.

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Twins Transmog Event! Daily Mission Event! Personal advice requests belong in the Daily Advice Thread e. Next 6-star? Main posts are allowed if they promote open-ended discussion e. Tarq vs Yaku in D Don't request friend adds, secret dungeons, or guild recruitment.

Do not post links or discuss hacks, bots, or illegal services, including currency sellers. All posts will be removed and poster banned permanently. Report any violations.

Guild Wars 2 / Guilds

Attempting to buy, sell or trade accounts will be immediately removed and poster banned. This includes any discussion related to account trading. Account giveaways are OK as long they are open to everyone and hosted on Reddit, not off-site. Account giveaway posts should be flaired accordingly with the server the account is on. No hate-speech, racist, sexist or toxic attitudes. Once discussion moves away from the topic and users start insulting each other, no one wins.

This applies to all parties involved. If you use another author's work, always credit the author in all places posted, or ask the author if possible.

guild wars 2 guilds recruiting

Use appropriate post flair. Put the monster names in the titles to help search-ability for later visitors. The NSFW tag should not be used as a joke no matter how sexy your rune may be. The monster name must be in the title e.

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Official Guild Wars 2 Guild Recruitment Thread So, now that we know GW2 will be coming out sometime this year and there will be beta events in the upcoming months, I'm I'm opening this up for people to use.

This thread is for players who are looking for guilds as well as guilds looking for more players and that's pretty much it, please don't start off-topic discussions. We want to keep this thread clean and readable for all who use it.

Last edited by Edge-; at PM. Reply With Quote. Our Motto: "Bare your teeth, seek life out! And we, like lone wolves, came together to create our own pack. We fight for each other, and our own personal cause s. We bow to no one, and will die fighting with our teeth bared that reflect the gleam of a full moon.

And thus we are the Silver Wolf Clan! We enjoy everything! We were in Guild Wars, but we're now looking to expand into Guild Wars 2!

List of Christian MMO Guilds

Last edited by Blufossa; at PM.Displaying 1— Log In Sign Up. Recruiting Yes No. Skill Level s Low Medium High. Guildless Disciples. Twisted Inventors of Tyria.

Liars Cheats and Thieves. Mists of Valhalla. The Knights Medieval.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Recruitment- EPIC

Nuggets of Wisdom. Legionnaire of Souls. Order of The Silver Jaguar. Knights of Ipseity. Wings of the Dragon. Tuxzyn Terrors. The Mythical Dragons. How I Met A Dragon. Shadow Dragon Sect. Ye Olde Curmudgeons. Enemigos Intimos. The Order of Digital Knigh…. Dragons of Draezor. Nova Ordem Lusa. Ecto Nightmare. Guardians of Lore. Get Fresh Crew. The Gods Of Pvp. We Still Need Therapy. The Gryphons Aerie. Chronicle of Black Dragons. Tyria Academia. Phantoms of the. Tables Turned.

Marcados Por El Destino.

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